Article 161 Agreement Ni Water

Article 161 Agreement Ni Water

Ms. Venning: Thank you, Frank. Thank you for your attention. In short, two key messages. First, the introduction of the channel is a process of development. That`s why the developer is presenting his plan proposals, and we agree. However, the time that elapses between approval and acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the developer. They must apply to NI Water in order for the scheme to be adopted. If they do not apply, the regime will not be adopted and the equipment will not be maintained. In addition, we saw this morning that there was nothing to prevent a developer from building a sewer system that does not have the permission of Northern Ireland Water. That is why we have proposed to make the section 161 authorisation procedure for transport pipelines a precondition for the Article 32 procedure of private roads in order to avoid this. We also proposed to introduce a time requirement for developers to apply for a definitive acquisition once the site is complete.

Ms. Venning: Yes. From our point of view, we only need the borrowing facility and the most important thing is that the value of the loan must be sufficient to cover the recovery work. The thing to understand is that we do not have a large pot of bonds, and for example, if the loan on a site is 1000 dollars and, on your site, is 2000 dollars and the renovation of your site is 1,500 dollars, we can not take 500 dollars from the first site because it is ring-fenced. The most important thing, first of all, is to make sure they can`t grow and build a sewer system without having a connection. The commitment of Agreement 161 to the agreement of Article 32 would therefore lead us to this. The second thing is that we should not be tempted to reduce the value of bonds to the point where we may not be able to finance the renovations. Mr.

Stewart: We have received requests for potential section 11 sites. All of them do not go the distance and become article 11. Looking back to the post-2007, six sites have been identified in the administration that are potential implementation agencies under Section 161 (6). All of these developers and administrators have been contacted, and we are working with administrators on a number of these sites to see if we can agree on a solution to move the sewers forward.

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