Dog Boarding Kennel Agreement

Dog Boarding Kennel Agreement

________12. The owner understands that once the pet has been deposited, the owner is required to pay for the entire booking, whether or not the owner picks up the pet early. The owner also understands that reservations can only be extended if notice, kennel approval and availability. ________19. Kennel specifically requires that all pets be vaccinated against communicable diseases prior to boarding. Kennel reserves the right to refuse permission from pets that show signs of illness or do not meet Kennel vaccine requirements. Despite these precautions, the owner recognizes that the owner`s pet is in an environment with other pets during boarding and understands that each pet can harbor and spread a communicable disease. The owner frees Kennel from any claim and liability against Kennel for any losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting from or related to a communicable disease caused by the owner`s pet during boarding. For the safety of your pet and other pets, we will not ship animals without fully updated records. The following shots must have been fired in order for boarding to take place. _____6. The owner understands that an additional fee for check-in or check-out is charged outside normal pickup/pickup hours.

Kennel must approve this action prior to boarding and will notify the owner of the fee amount and conditions at the time the application is approved. _____1. The owner expressly states that he is the owner of the forced pet or that he has been authorized by the pet owner to enter into this contract as the owner`s agent. _____2. The owner agrees to pay the boarding price for all services before departure. The owner is aware that the Kennel only accepts cash payments or a cheque. Prices can change. Please complete all sections of this form for your pet file before boarding. _____18. The owner represents that the health of domestic animals is in a state of health and that no known communicable disease has been exposed within thirty days of immediate embarkation. The owner undertakes to disclose to Kennel any known conditions and/or behavioural problems that may affect the care of pets prior to registration. The owner must inform Kennel of changes in the condition and behaviour of pets during or before check-in for all subsequent boarding stays.

PandaTip: Once all the fields and conditions of the Pet Boarding contract have been adapted, it is easy to send the contract to your specific customers. Simply fill in the customer`s information in the template and click Send. PandaTip: This section of the Pet Board Agreement Model allows owners to document any medical conditions the pet may have prior to boarding. _____7. The owner understands that, at the discretion of management, additional costs for a specific handling or treatment going beyond routine treatment, i.e.:

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