Wix Installer Add License Agreement Text

Wix Installer Add License Agreement Text

You can customize some visual aspects of the interface by simply providing replacement files. You can create standard bitmaps, symbols and license texts, but you can create your own bitmaps, symbols and license text. You can also replace selected files, not all of them. Your paths are stored in variables that you can specify either in the command line or directly in the source code: The entire text displayed in the built-in wixUI dialog boxes can be crushed by custom strings if necessary. To do this, you need to add a string that has the same ID value as the chain you want to crush to your product`s WiX (.wxl) location file. You can find the ID values of the WixUI string by searching the WixUI_en-us.wxl file in the WiX source code. Then there is the text of the license agreement. We open a text wrapped with content to scroll through. The text itself enters the day of the inner text. You can use RTF-style text here, so the best idea is to create your license agreement in a word processing program and export it to RTF (Wordpad is probably the best word processor for this purpose, More sophisticated RTF files can be much more detailed; even if you use them, you should re-save the final version of Wordpad): there is a well-known problem with the rich text control that is used to display the text of the license file that can cause the text to be displayed until the user scrolls empty. This is usually caused by complex RTF content (z.B the RTF generated when recording an RTF file in Microsoft Word). When you run this behavior in your configuration user interface, one of the following bypasses is corrected in most cases: this is where it gets ugly. We can easily replace the default license by changing the WixLicenseRtf WiX variable as follows: where the license is the name.rtf of your EULA license file.

The downside of this method is that you can only have a license file, which means there is no location for them. That`s why we have to find a way around the problems. The license is verified for a LicenseAgreement dialog box name. What we need to do is replace this dialog box and insert the location feature. The final step is to insert the LicenseAgreementDialogOverwritten Advanced Licensing Dialogue field into the installation graphical interface chain. Of course, that`s how it`s done under the noeud. You can also specify the contract text directly here in the source file, but the previous solution seems much easier to wait for: If you want to modify the bitmaps or symbols, just do it in the binary directory. The front page bitmap (hereafter the dialog box.bmp) is a 503 x 314 pixel BMP, while the upper banner plane has 500 x 63 pixels. However, note that Windows Install can stretch or reduce these bitmaps if the type of system font and user view resolution settings require a scale of the entire interface. To avoid naughty scale artifacts, be sure to use appropriate bitmaps. Avoid thin lines that are supposed to be uniform in the cross-image image, never insert text into the bitmaps (the letters in the logos are OK, but the little text to read is not). And most importantly, avoid agitation areas and checkered environments, which might seem very complicated when they are on scale.

To get an idea, experiment with different scale factors in your image editor to make sure you turn off sophisticated algorithms like bikubic sampling. Windows uses only a simple stretch and shrinkage. There are still some good skeptics, like a license contract page: The exitDlg version is the dialog box in WixUI`s built-in dialogue games that appears at the end of a successful setup. ExitDlg supports the display of customizable optional text and an optional box. It happens. Scroll up and take a look at the example of the Wxl location file. We

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