Cerita Wattpad Wedding Agreement

Cerita Wattpad Wedding Agreement

Wattpad itself is a site that allows its users to submit works in the form of articles, stories, novels, poems, etc. Well, this marriage agreement contains one that is in Wattpad. Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the big screen. Archie Hekagery`s film tells the story of a couple, Tari Hapsari (Indah Permatasari) and Byantara Wicaksana (Refal Hady). Initially, their budget went smoothly and without obstacles. “Is that all you do?” I wanted to make sure he didn`t exploit my unconsciously. I could only bow down and accept his anger. It`s useless if I fight, I could get fired right away. Wedding Agreement is a film based on the adaptation of the novel by Mia Chuz. Not only as a writer, Mia Chuz also plays a screenwriter in this film. “Diandra!” Suddenly, a scream surprised me.

At the dark moment when I was hypnotizing a tired body, I could gently hear that there was another movement in this room in my room. The young man was like. Galang? Does Raka know Galang? Archie, as a director, can reliably combine this film with color palette techniques in terms of clothing color. It`s an interesting artistic side and is often forgotten by filmmakers. Archie is there and she is well packed. “Don`t think about it anymore,” he says silently. His hand moved to caress my head affectionately, as if he had just read my frightened soul, or perhaps because of my slightly trembling tone. I immediately gasped and opened my eyes when I felt something that woke me up from my sleep.

It was as if I had a gentle caress on my head. I don`t know if it`s real or just my illusion. I think his show was great, which made it difficult for me to follow his sweet performance in front of everyone. In fact, I can`t deny that this man looks perfect. His face was more and more beautiful with a beautiful smile that seemed sincere, as if there was not the slightest element of constraint. His large body was covered in tuxedos and black pants of an expensive brand. Not to mention a small white flower that is on his left chest. Truly a perfect character, such an intoxicating charm must have immediately put all women to sleep with one look….

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